My Intention . . .


After learning of my mother’s diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer and taking this journey with her in the battle against this deadly disease and humbling experience, it has become my mission to help these women feel beautiful again!  It is my desire to create a Fine Art intimate photography coffee table book of their lovely bodies displayed in a thematic approach, soft and beautiful with the conveyance of the roughness they have overcome.

Needs & Problems

Women dealing with breast cancer have so many things to worry about, from juggling everyday family life to time off work while healing from this deadly disease.  On top of that, they have to grieve the loss of their hair, a breast or two, gaining weight from treatment, otherwise, feeling unattractive and just plain ugly!!  It is not the way we see them, but this is how they are left to feel.  This leaves such a feeling of hopelessness for these women.  These are some of the strongest women I have ever met in my life.  They are powerful and beautiful and they need to see that.  There is no better way to see yourself as ‘beautiful’ until you can see yourself through the eyes of another.  I would love them to see themselves as I see them.  My book will provide those images for these very women…a place where they can announce to the world . . .I am Beautiful!

Another very serious problem, particularly during this economic crisis that we are currently in, Cancer does not wait until you are financially secure to strike.  These days people are struggling to keep their jobs and homes, but women continue to be told every day that they have breast cancer.  Every two minutes, another woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.  Stress is not kind to women who are struggling to fight for their lives.  Increasing funding for financial assistance to women healing from breast cancer will allow these women to concentrate solely on healing, both physically and emotionally.

Reason for Funding Request

If I am able to secure funding for the initial project itself, I could offer 100% of the proceeds from sales of the book to be designated to aid women in getting through the financial challenges that come along with all the other challenges that breast cancer creates.  For example, if I could raise $250,000 for the initial project to create the book and sell a minimum of 100,000 books at $40 per book, it would raise $4 million for the cause.

 For sustainability of the project, we could then take $250,000 from the profit and do it all over again.  Over two years’ time, you are looking at the cause being funded by approximately $7.5 million (with $500,000 returning to the project fund to continue the process) as opposed to a one-time $500,000 contribution to the foundation over a two-year time period.  The funder(s) of this project will be duly noted and will be a hero for many women and their families, including the women modeling for the book and the women benefiting from the funds raised!

Goals and Objectives

My goal is to photograph 40 to 50 women for inclusion in a fine art photography book with proceeds being donated to breast cancer foundations.  I would like to create a traveling exhibit with enlarged images taken from the book, which could possibly earn additional funds for the foundation. I feel this will offer HOPE that there is life after cancer to these women who are currently dealing, or who will in the future have to deal, with these same issues.  In addition, I would like to have the entire project filmed to create a documentary film with their personal stories and how project: ‘I am Beautiful’ has helped them.

My Bio

I am an artist, creative designer and photographer.  I am self-taught as a photographer and have photographed myself during a time in which I lacked self-esteem and I know how much that experience helped me to see myself in a different light.

I have been exhibited in galleries, once being exhibited at the Florida International Museum during the one-year anniversary of the terrorists’ attacks where I exhibited my series ‘Child’s Play’ which was my interpretation, from a child’s perspective, of the tragedies of

September 11th.

 I formerly owned & operated a corporate litigation document/discovery management company for 15 years, which consisted of complete organizational skills while managing multiple projects at once.