project: ‘I am Beautiful’

project: ‘I am Beautiful’

Our Story. . .  

December of 2008, my mother/best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and was told that due to the position of the mass, she would absolutely need a mastectomy.  She had a very difficult time dealing with the reality of losing such a feminine part of herself.  I realized that many women dealing with breast cancer must have these immense feelings of no longer feeling like a woman and feeling beautiful.  What a shame!  These women have so much to deal with just beating cancer: all the treatments, losing their hair, losing body parts; and to top it off, now they have to worry about feeling incompetent about being a beautiful woman.

My Passion . . . 

I’ve always had a passion for photography and after ending a long-term relationship which resulted in little self-esteem, I had chosen to photograph myself in an effort to see myself from a different perspective.

And it worked.  It renewed my confidence.

My Thoughts . . .

I thought how interesting it will be to create a fine art, intimate coffee table book presenting women who are ‘Choosing Life’ and accepting their own beauty!

I’m hoping it will be a new beginning for them because I remember, it was for me!