Creative Design

Creative Design is one of my truest passions.  I very much enjoy creating something from a multitude of materials and thought processes.

My creative design endeavors thus far have been:

  •  Worked with Tradewinds Island Resorts on several various design projects
  • NOW . . . I Know My ABC’s ~ Created a warm, inspirational video and turning that video into a physical book
  • Drain Necklace ~ Created a post medical device to aid post-mastectomy patients some relief
  • Second Chance ~ Created a reality show that will enable regular people to gather as a community to rescuing homeless families from the streets
  • The Memory Vase ~ Created a product that throughout the years will collect special memories in your lives
  • project: ‘I am Beautiful’ ~ Created a project that will financially aid women currently being treated for breast cancer and uplift them showing them that there is life after cancer and that they are strong beautiful women
  • Two Women ~ 1 Disease ~ Published a chronicled journey of the survival and struggles of a cancer patient and caregiver (also mother/daughter)