. . . A REFLECTION . . .

I awoke at 6:52 am, the sun peeking out with the suggestion of a beautiful day ahead. This is the first sunrise I've seen emerging from the water. It's as if the water birthed a ball of fire which is a contradiction in terms, really. Wouldn't the water have put the fire out? There seems to be a difference between a sunrise and a sunset. It seems as though there are a select few to witness the early hour rise of the sun as it ascends high into the sky. It beautifies everything it touches. The fact that I am witnessing this sunrise from the oldest city in the nation makes it particularly special. As the sun rises, other forms of nature rise. In the tree which separates me from the sun, a woodpecker pecks out an amazing rhythm. The squirrels are in search of an early morning snack. The ducks splash around on Matanzas River in the effort to procreate. In search of food themselves, the fish jump from the water trying desperately not to be the bait of another. A bird sings out in song . . . more lovely than anything humanly generated. The cross, Mission of Nombre de Dios, stands tall and proud above the trees and reflects the rays. As the rest of the world awakens, and the man-made noises begin, all is not lost . . . it will be just as glorious tomorrow.


Our Story. . .

December of 2008, my mother/best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and was told that due to the position of the mass, she would absolutely need a mastectomy. She had a very difficult time dealing with the reality of losing such a feminine part of herself. I realized that many women dealing with breast cancer must have these immense feelings of no longer feeling like a woman and feeling beautiful. What a shame! These women have so much to deal with just beating cancer: all the treatments, losing their hair, losing body parts; and to top it off, now they have to worry about feeling incompetent about being a beautiful woman.

My Passion . . .

I’ve always had a passion for photography and after ending a long-term relationship which resulted in little self-esteem, I had chosen to photograph myself in an effort to see myself from a different perspective.

And it worked. It renewed my confidence.

My Thoughts . . .

I thought how interesting it will be to create a fine art, intimate coffee table book presenting women who are ‘Choosing Life’ and accepting their own beauty!

I’m hoping it will be a new beginning for them because I remember, it was for me!

Have you ever wondered how people become “homeless”?  How does one go from having a beautiful house, a successful business or great position within a fabulous organization, the perfect family and one day, out of nowhere . . . they have nothing.  Don’t you see something like that coming?  Sometimes, you just don’t.

Imagine being down on your luck and everything you know takes a turn for the worse.  You end up losing everything that you’ve worked so hard for your entire life.  You feel you have failed your family . . . your friends . . . yourself!  Let’s take a look into those situations.

I created ‘The Memory Vase™’ as a Christmas gift for my mother when we lived many miles apart. She had always been my best friend and I missed her terribly. I filled it with many memories that we had shared together throughout the years. We both continued to fill out the ‘Remember When’ cards and added them to the Memory Vase. I finally convinced her to move to Florida to become my personal assistant and she couldn’t resist. For many years we filled that very vase. I traveled for work so she moved into my home and took care of everything while I was gone Monday through Friday. We continued to make memories, even the simplest silly memories . . . we added to that vase.

Tradewinds Island Resorts

Tradewinds Island Resorts had several creative design projects they were requesting of me. Read more about their requests and my responses.

When her mother/best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, they thought their lives were over. Her mother always insisted that she would NEVER endure the torture her Grandmother, who had been diagnosed back in the 1970’s, had experienced. Through gentle persuasion, they convinced her that treatment had changed drastically since then and she decided to fight.

Fight it she did and was cancer free . . . until she was diagnosed with a second primary cancer – pancreatic which had already metastasized to her liver. According to the doctors, this was very rare. They gave her three to five months to survive and called upon Hospice. She fought hard and, in fact, beat the odds given to her. She was a real champ who did not want to leave her daughter behind.