St Augustine Sunrise

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. . . A REFLECTION . . . I awoke at 6:52 am, the sun peeking out with the suggestion of a beautiful day ahead. This is the first sunrise I've seen emerging from the water. It's as if the water birthed a ball of fire which is a contradiction in terms, really. Wouldn't the water have put the fire out?

There seems to be a difference between a sunrise and a sunset. It seems as though there are a select few to witness the early hour rise of the sun as it ascends high into the sky. It beautifies everything it touches.
The fact that I am witnessing this sunrise from the oldest city in the nation makes it particularly special. As the sun rises, other forms of nature rise. In the tree which separates me from the sun, a woodpecker pecks out an amazing rhythm. The squirrels are in search of an early morning snack.

The ducks splash around on Matanzas River in the effort to procreate. In search of food themselves, the fish jump from the water trying desperately not to be the bait of another. A bird sings out in song . . . more lovely than anything humanly generated.

The cross, Mission of Nombre de Dios, stands tall and proud above the trees and reflects the rays.
As the rest of the world awakens, and the man-made noises begin, all is not lost . . . it will be just as glorious tomorrow.

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